How it's made

In our busy and fast-paced society, time has become a precious commodity. However, time passes at the same rate as it always has, and nature serves as a reminder of this fact.

For the past 8 years, I have been studying crystals - one of the most fascinating wonders of nature. Through experimenting with minerals, I have learned how to grow crystals and manipulate their shape and color. By dissolving minerals in water and heating the solution, an oversaturated medium can be created. As the solution cools, the minerals form into crystals.

I have also explored various dying techniques, minerals, pigments, and colorants to alter the color of the crystals. Using a combination of 5-7 minerals and oxides, I have developed several recipes that allow me to create a wide range of colors, resembling the colors of the rainbow.

The growing process of these objects is akin to the passage of time. Due to their organic development, each object is unique in shape, color, and texture. They are the natural result of mineral crystallization and the designer's influence on the formation process. I hope this insight into our production process helps you understand and appreciate the beauty of our products.

Isaac Monte making a crystal vase

Photo: Anne-Claire Martens - LOA


Crystals growing in the solution