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Mineral Series

Large Vase - Turquoise

Large Vase - Turquoise

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The Large Vase is an ideal choice for displaying a beautiful bouquet of flowers or even a tall branch. Its generous size allows for a stunning arrangement that can serve as a centerpiece for any room.

Each vase is a unique work of art, shaped by the natural crystallization of minerals and the designer’s influence on the formation process. No two vases are exactly alike in shape, color, and texture, reflecting the organic development of each piece.

The Large Vase comes with an aluminum inner vase that can be easily removed and replaced for convenient water changes. The crystal vase itself is not waterproof, but the inner vase ensures that your flowers remain fresh and hydrated.

The Large Vase is not just a functional container for your floral arrangements but a striking decorative piece that adds a touch of elegance to any space. Its organic shape and texture, combined with the natural crystallization of minerals, create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will be a conversation starter and a source of beauty in your home.

Please note that, as with all handmade pieces, color and texture may vary slightly from the photos on our website, and each vase is a unique creation.

This vase has an aluminum tube on the inside to contain water for the flowers. 
The aluminum tube is can be easily taken out to refill the water. 

Diameter: 42 cm

Height:  38 cm

Weight: 52 kg 


Natural minerals and oxides

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Care Instructions

- Avoid contact with water, particularly warm water, as it may damage the crystals. If necessary, clean the crystals with a damp cloth.

- Please note that for the medium and large vases only the removable aluminum inner vase is waterproof.
The small and mini vases have a non-removable glass tube. It is important to not put too much water in your mini vase, as the glass tube can only hold 20ml of water.  

- Take care not to expose the crystals to moisture.

- Keep this object away from children and pets.

- The crystals are not food safe, so please do not use them for any edible purposes.

- Avoid placing the object in direct sunlight or near a source of heat, as this may cause a white layer to form on top of the crystals.

- The crystals are a natural material and may change color over time.    Embrace this beautiful transformation as it adds to the unique character of your one-of-a-kind object.

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